Chávez reclama do próprio serviço público

Do blog do Cato:

Lessons From Venezuela’s 21st Century Socialism Posted by Ian Vasquez The accomplishments of Venezuela’s “Socialism of the 21st Century” are looking very much like those of old-fashioned socialism with basic goods shortages, high inflation, negative growth, blackouts, water rationing, the persecution of Hugo Chávez’s critics, plus skyrocketing crime. Now Chávez is accusing his enemies of sabotaging his TV and Radio program, “Alo Presidente” because it suffers from continuous technical problems on the air, including sound interruptions and the loss of the satellite signal. An upset Chávez observes: ”The problems are very frequent here, almost every day. I don’t understand how you have so much equipment, so much technology…. By contrast, you see the private channels and that doesn’t happen…. And for me it’s almost every day that there is a problem here and there.” Chávez’s 21st century solution? He has ordered his military intelligence to investigate.

A dúvida de Chávez é crucial porque esconde a pergunta mais importante e a resposta incômoda: por que o setor privado funciona e o setor público não?